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Buckinghamshire Education School Support and Training

BESST is the traded school improvement and governor services team of Buckinghamshire Council.  We provide support, training and development opportunities to schools and academies across Buckinghamshire in school leadership and governance to support and supplement our funded offer. BESST services enable school leaders to keep up to date and support the implementation of best practice across Buckinghamshire. 

BESST is sharply focused on supporting schools to achieve the best outcomes for every child in Buckinghamshire

About Us

We recognise that delivering the best possible outcomes for children is the main priority of all school leaders and governors. The aim of BESST is to help school leaders and governors deliver a great education to all children and young people in Buckinghamshire, allowing them, regardless of their starting point, to realise their potential and embark on a positive and exciting future.

BESST aims to deliver against identified needs in Buckinghamshire. We will ensure that our capacity is directed to those areas which school leaders and governors have told us are the areas of greatest need. Where external partners can provide expert support and training that best meets the needs of schools, we will signpost schools to these opportunities.
Our services are delivered by our team of school improvement and Buckinghamshire Council experts who care passionately about supporting schools to secure the best possible outcomes for their pupils and students. BESST services run alongside our statutory work. Income from our competitively priced BESST services will help to deliver excellent school improvement support in Buckinghamshire for today and the future.

Why Work With BESST?

BESST - Buckinghamshire Education School Support and Training - offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills tailored to the specific needs of schools and academies in Buckinghamshire.

The BESST Benefits:

BESST services are designed and delivered with a focus on the needs of Buckinghamshire schools.BESST services are delivered by local experts, both from within the local authority and trusted local partners.BESST services are targeted to ensure that they address the most pressing issues facing Buckinghamshire school leaders.BESST services provide excellent value for money, the income from which and will support the delivery of excellent school improvement in Buckinghamshire for today and the future. The BESST team and partners have a unique relationship with schools in Buckinghamshire and are committed to helping you improve the lives of children and young people.The BESST team will ensure that bespoke services are tailored to the needs of your school.BESST will work with the school community to develop, shape and improve our services to meet the evolving needs of the school community within Buckinghamshire.

We appreciate the challenges schools face to raise standards and achieve educational goals. Our services have been designed with this in mind, to help you attain your targets whilst gaining the greatest efficiencies from your budgets.

Here is a link to the 2024/25 brochure

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