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Frequently  Asked Questions

Frequently  Asked Questions

Are there any particular roles I should advertise on TES?

TES can be used to advertise all roles within schools. If you feel the cost of this service is too high to advertise all roles, you might decide to only advertise leadership and hard to fill roles with them. TES has an annual package that may offer you a more cost-effective way of advertising multiple roles. Alternatively, you may request a one-off advert in the TES via our booking form.

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Are there any job advertisements better placed for Social Media sharing?

Social media advertising can be used to advertise all roles within schools. This type of advertising is a great way to get your advert seen by a wider audience and reach outside the usual pool of candidates. The more you and others engage with the posts by liking, sharing and commenting on the post, the more people will see it. This works with all different types of roles and helps you reach a passive audience that might not have seen your advert.

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What is needed for inclusion to make my ad more successful?

To ensure your advert is successful in attracting candidates, you should include the following:

  • Title
  • Salary
  • Hours
  • Contract
  • Closing date
  • Interview date
  • Eye-catching first sentence to grab the reader
  • Information about your school, what makes your schools stand out? Why is it a great place to work? What can you offer candidates?
  • Information about the role, what will a typical day look like in this role? Do not include a full job description in the advert, this can be attached as a separate document.
  • Information about the candidate. What qualities, skills, values and experience will enable them to excel in this role?
  • Other information such as; who should the candidates send their completed application forms to? Who can they contact to find out more about the role? You should also include your safeguarding statement.
  • An optional extra would be to create a candidate information pack to attach with all adverts; this can include more detailed information about your school and pictures of the school.

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How do we apply an attractive salary?

The salary for each role will be determined by the school based on the budget. Our recommended pay structure document for support roles within schools is on the recruitment section of the Schoolsweb. If you are calculating teachers’ pay, you can use the Teachers pay and conditions document on the government website.

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Do I need to meet legal requirements to ensure I advertise my vacancy correctly?

There are several things to think about to ensure your advertisement is legally compliant. For example, advertising for a ‘female PE teacher’ or ‘recent graduate’ would be discriminatory and would certainly narrow your pool of candidates.

You should also include your safeguarding statement in the advert. Part of our advertising service is to check for compliance, the advert text you send to us will be reviewed and we will flag any issues with you before publishing.

Please see our legal framework in relation to recruitment and selection in the recruitment section of the Schoolsweb.

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Does being part of a SCITT help us in recruitment?

Being part of a SCITT is a great way to grow your own and attract candidates looking to further their career. It is a selling point to be able to demonstrate that you are willing to invest in your employees and help them to develop in their career.

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How can I be sure I have the ‘right’ candidate?

When looking for the right candidate, you should ensure you have created a fair and robust recruitment process. Have you scored the candidates' interviews and assessments fairly against the job description and person specification? Do they have the skills, qualities and experience that you are looking for and that will be right for your school?

Using a variety of interview and assessment tasks will help you to draw out the candidate’s skills and experience and help you understand if they are a good fit for your school.

Please see our recruitment considerations document on the recruitment section of the Schoolsweb for more information.

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How long does it take for a submitted advertisement to be publicised online?

The advertising team will aim to publish your adverts within 48 hours, provided all required information is provided on the advert booking form. Please send all adverts directly to advertising@buckinghamshire.gov.uk to ensure they are picked up promptly.

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