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Educational visits

Educational visits

At Buckinghamshire Council, we offer education visits support to Schools, Academies and Independent schools. This includes occasions where a young person takes part in an out of classroom learning activity which is carried out beyond the boundary of the school, excluding if the school is on a split site, work experience of 16 to 19 study programmes and PE fixtures which do not involve adventurous, residential or overseas activity.

This service provides:


An online portal designed to enable support for educational visits. You can use this feature to 'search' for information about visits from other BCC schools and establishments (non-confidential information only), enabling you to plan and learn from other schools experience. As well as, the messenger facility allowing you to make contact with all users on the system. There is also a visit archive/visits history with your school's accumulated previous visits.

  • Access to 'Evolve'
  • Telephone and email advice
  • Training courses - booking available through Evolve
  • Inset/twilight sessions
  • Senior staff Training for an emergency on a school visit
  • Receive reports of incidents and near misses and produce reports for Governors/Ofsted
  • User Manager - to set up, amend, and monitor Staff User Accounts

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