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Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes, designed by employers, that are linked directly to job roles.  They give an employee the chance to receive structured, high-quality training in the workplace and the opportunity to work towards a nationally-recognised qualification. 

Apprenticeship opportunities:

Trainee Teacher - Caretakers - Business Manager's - Lab Technicians - Teaching Assistants - Finance Officer's - Office/ IT support staff - Receptionists - Head Teachers - Nursery staff 

Apprenticeships are offered at different levels making them appropriate for a wide group of people - from those at the beginning of their careers to staff already working in schools looking to gain new skills and qualifications. This route is now regarded by many businesses as a viable alternative to Higher Education. Maintained schools can use their Apprenticeship Levy to fund the training element of apprenticeships.

In the first year of an apprenticeship, regardless of the apprentice’s age, the BCC apprentice wage is £4.50/hr. From 12 months onwards we must pay age-related National Minimum Wage.

Apprenticeships can be used by schools to retain staff and attract new ones, raising morale and increasing transferrable skills across the school.

There is no age limitation to who can do an apprenticeship, so even long-serving staff could gain.
Please visit the Government's site 'Amazing Apprenticeships' 

Frequently asked questions

Is there a maximum age for apprentices?

No.  Staff of any age can embark on an Apprenticeship programme.

What would our commitment be as an employer?

Apprentices must have a contract of employment and job description. They should generally work a minimum of 30 hours per week. (Less can be negotiated)

They must be paid the apprentice wage for the hours that they are employed and whilst attending training and assessments.

They must be supervised, mentored, and supported by the employer during their Apprenticeship programme.

They must be allowed to spend 20% of their time learning new skills, off-the-job, during working hours.

Can I offer existing staff an Apprenticeship?

Yes! Apprenticeships are an excellent way for staff to gain a nationally-recognized qualification that relates directly to their job role. It demonstrates to employees that you are investing in their future.


Will I have to pay for the training?

Training costs for Buckinghamshire Council Maintained schools will be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. You will need to make a claim to draw down these funds (see Schools web/Apprenticeships for the form). 

Can somebody do an apprenticeship if they already have a Degree?

Yes, as long as the apprenticeship is in a different subject to the Degree.

The Government website has the current list of Apprenticeship Standards that are approved & available, and also ones that are in development.

How much do I have to pay for a new apprentice?

BC pays new apprentices £3.79/hr. for the first year of their Apprenticeship, and age-related National Minimum Wage thereafter.

The wage values of existing staff are not affected if embarking on an apprenticeship training scheme.


Contact The HR Service Desk for advice on how to upskill, and complete a Levy Claim form.

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