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School Improvement

School Improvement

We offer a variety of training courses that have been designed to allow teachers to compare their judgments of attainment using the teacher assessment frameworks and to develop confidence in leading discussions with external moderators. This session will provide an excellent opportunity to work with colleagues from across the county, providing high-level debate and discussion around this topic.

Participants will be asked to bring along a full sample of evidence for three pupils which they consider to represent the range of achievement in their class, in reading, writing, and maths. This should relate to the current school year and consist only of material that already exists. Nationally produced exemplification material will be available to offer a benchmark to support conversations.

Pupil evidence could include:

  • Current evidence from English and maths lessons
  • Relevant work from across the curriculum where pupils have had the opportunity to apply and deepen knowledge, skills, and understanding previously taught in English or mathematics
  • Teachers’ records or notes of attainment (e.g.in phonics, from guided reading, from collaborative problem-solving)
  • Reading logs, reviews, journals, self-assessments or reflections on learning
  • Any other existing evidence (e.g photographs, record-sheets, progress tracking records)

Participants will have the chance to present their evidence, hear from other teachers, work with trained moderators, discuss their findings and consider implications for planning and pedagogy.

Courses available:

  • Year 2 Key Stage 1 Joint Moderation: Securing Judgement Session
  • Year 2 Statutory assessment requirements and standardization training
  • Year 6 Joint Moderation: Securing Judgment Session
  • Year 6 Statutory assessment requirements and standardisation training

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CLEAPSS works in the field of school and college science, D&T, and art, from foundation stage through to A-level or equivalent. It provides general support and advice for all aspects of practical work.  This includes information, advice, and training about laboratory and workshop design and working practices, technicians and their jobs, equipment, tools, materials, living organisms, and practical activities for students, with an over-arching focus on health and safety. CLEAPSS advice and guidance form the basis of model risk assessments for practical activities carried out in educational settings in science, D&T, and art.

CLEAPSS support practical activities in science, D&T, and art

  • from the early years to A-level or equivalent,
  • including health and safety, and
  • advice on laboratories/workshops, equipment, and resources

Buckinghamshire Council can provide CLEAPSS membership for academies and free schools at a significantly reduced price compared to direct membership

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