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New Unitary Broadband for Schools – A Fresh Look

Buckinghamshire Council was formed as a Unitary Authority on 1 April 2020. Since that time a new technology infrastructure has been built which brings together the former county and district authorities. This is called ONE Network.  A new, fully managed broadband and associated services product, which represents great value and convenience, is now available for Buckinghamshire Schools.

Buckinghamshire Council Broadband Explained

The Buckinghamshire Council Broadband service provides high-speed access for many concurrent users, and enhanced security features. It connects to a Buckinghamshire Council managed service.

As the number of services using the internet continues to increase significantly, broadband plays an increasingly important role in delivering the curriculum. Schools may have many use cases which access the internet simultaneously. It is likely a high-quality connection is needed to enable many of the school’s day-to-day operations to run cost-effectively.  It must be fast enough for staff and pupils to use, even at busy times, and be reliable enough for you to trust it will work. It must be secure enough to make sure that everyone using the internet in the school community does so safely.  This is to protect from external threats and unsuitable material without restricting normal use.

Service Monitoring

We use computer systems to monitor the network connection to your school. This means we may see a service start to work less effectively and take action to keep it working. If your broadband connection fails, we will see it and start investigating. Should something need repairing, we take responsibility for doing so and will keep you informed of progress throughout.


Broadband Options

  • Fibre Broadband - 500MB or 1GB
  • Fixed Broadband - 30MB - 100MB
  • Standard Broadband - SOGEA
  • Your Own Circuit Broadband 

Contact us 

Service Failure - to report something that isn’t working as expected, please call the ICT Schools Team.

To report a failed broadband connection, please call the IT Service Desk on 01926 383388 or go to the School Service Desk Portal

Service Request - For changes and amendments to your service go to the School Service Desk Portal

Ordering from us - For any new service enquiry or for any further information, please contact Traded Services Team. 

Associated Services

In addition to your ONE Network Broadband, Buckinghamshire Council also provides a range of complimentary IT services at no additional cost to you.  

  • Firewall
  • Web Filtering
  • Safeguarding Intervention
  • Secure Remote Access to your Network
  • Mobile Telephony Options
  • Internet Activity Monitoring and Reporting (Prevent Agenda)

Why choose Buckinghamshire Council?

  • One-stop-shop
  • Friendly guidance through your broadband options 
  • The best total-cost option
  • We manage your service 
  • Associated services at no extra cost
  • Commitment to resolving issues
  • Access to a service portal 
  • We help when you need it 

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