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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What funding does a school receive?

The Local Authority receives the majority of funding for maintained schools from the Department for Education and allocates this to maintained schools. Templates for the school’s budgets are published in February based on the October census figures and are sent via AnyComms to schools.

School funding | SchoolsWeb

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Who are the finance teams that support schools?

Please see the Teams Supporting Schools Flowchart on the front page on the Finance zone on Schoolsweb.

There are 3 teams that schools will usually contact within Finance:

  • School Accountancy Support Team
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

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Does the School Accountancy Support Team provide training?

We run several training sessions and workshops throughout the year and you are able to use your credits from your finance package towards these.

Training ranges from the Budget setting, Budget forecasting to Microsoft Excel training.

Training and Workshops | SchoolsWeb

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How do the finance team communicate to schools?

  • If we have any updates we will publish these on the schools bulletin.
  • The Finance zone contains lots of guidance and information.
  • We produce a termly Newsletter with any helpful hints, updates and upcoming deadlines. There is a link to the current and archived newsletters in the finance zone.

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What is a journal?

A journal is the movement of internal income and expenditure. It can be sent from one maintained non-chequebook school to another or received from the Local Authority.

E-form journals | SchoolsWeb

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How do I set a budget?

The local authority asks for a provisional budget from schools in February and a final budget approved by governors in May.

Budget setting | SchoolsWeb

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How do I code income and expenditure in my budget?

There are specific ledger codes that are used in schools please see the code list which is updated each year.

GL Code List | SchoolsWeb

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How do you submit information or questions to the School Accountancy Support Team?

Service Desk Portal - forms to submit your Budget and School Financial Value Standard (SFVS), or directly email schoolfinance@buckinghamshire.gov.uk. We are developing more forms so you can submit a specific question on the service desk portal.

E-Forms - to complete journals (BSAD E-form) and year-end accrual journals (BSYE).

AnyComms - a secure system to send sensitive date i.e. the Salary Modeller.

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