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Exclusions – An Introduction for All

Exclusions – An Introduction for All

Suspensions and exclusions are part of a Head teacher’s toolkit for managing school behaviour but should always be used as a last resort. The DofE 2023 Statutory Guidance on Suspension and Permanent Exclusion gives details as to the processes involved in suspension and exclusion, and governors’ responsibilities regarding the monitoring of these.

This course will outline the role of governors in monitoring suspensions and the importance of seeking further training, if possible, should a governor be required to sit on a permanent exclusion panel.


To understand

  • How your school’s behaviour policy is implemented and monitored by governors
  • How you might review suspensions, especially repeat suspensions
  • How you might learn of interventions in place to prevent suspensions
  • The characteristics of excluded pupils in your school and any patterns
  • Review of a permanent exclusion and the importance of training in this


  • Rose Lindsay, Exclusions and Reintegration Officer 
  • Exclusions and Reintegration Team
  • Children’s Services

Who should book on 

  • Chairs and Vice Chairs of Governors
  • All governors who would welcome a greater understanding of exclusions within
  • Governance Professionals 

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