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Keeping Children Safe in Education and the Preventative Curriculum (PHSE)

Keeping Children Safe in Education and the Preventative Curriculum (PHSE)

Personal Social Health and Economic education (PSHE)  provides a safe space where pupils can raise issues and concerns and explore the complexities of the world around them. Relationships/ RSE and Health education( RSHE) are statutory aspects of PSHE.

This vital subject gives pupils the knowledge and skills to live healthy and successful lives and contributes to keeping pupils safe, enabling them to report concerns , and seek help if needed. High quality PSHE contributes to Personal Development, The Quality of Education, Equalities, and British Values.

This course will cover the role of the PSHE Governor,  the PSHE/ RSHE curriculum, statutory requirements, and  the link between PSHE education and safeguarding.


To understand

  • the terminology associated with PSHE / RSHE
  • What is covered in the curriculum
  • Where PSHE is referenced in Ofsted and KCSIE
  • the importance of PSHE / RSHE in keeping children safe and the role governors play
  • What to look for and Key tasks to be undertaken by PSHE Governors
  • Where to go to find  useful resources to support you in this role

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